Thanks for all the concern, my mum was discharged on Friday.. =)

But the sad thing is, I lost my keys! That wonderful beautiful keys.. ='(
(Found it in my John Little's plastic bag aready.. =X)

After fetching her hm, I went to meet K and was planning to go prawn-ing but in the end I was too lazy to get out of the house and fell aslp.. So we slacked at home watching movie online instead.. That was good enough to make Cherie happy.. =)

Finally got some decent pics taken with her b4 I fell aslp at 9+pm..

Movies and supper.. Hahaz..


The Taz I drew for her.. Simin cant jealous ok? Hehez..


Was planning to slack till afternoon on Sat morning, canceling the initial plan of going Zoo and go Zouk to celebrate her fren's b'dae so we slept at 4+am tt day cos she's dead beat from sch..

In the end, mama Fion smsed to say she's available for Zoo and demanded us to get up for her! So we have to meet up and prepare at 10am and have to meet her 12pm outside Zoo so we rushed out! And we waited 1 hour for them! As it was drizzling, we went town instead..

Had their lunch at Samui Indo Restaurant which reli suckz lo.. Fion and her gf was complaining like hell..



Her gf: The rice taste like fuck lo!

Fion (took a bite and moaned): Ah ah.. Wow, taste like fuck! I understand what you have been feeling.. Hahaz..

Her gf: -.-"
K ordered a soup but it nv came, which was lucky for us.. =)In the end, we paid $10 for the 2 drinks and Fion paid $70+ for those yucky food.. Say no to Samui! =P

After lunch we went to Cine for Kbox and we were lucky enough to have the priviledge to have student tapas.. $17.50 nett only lei.. =P


So fun to be with them.. =P I want another Girls' (only) outing soon! Hahaz..

We left them and headed back to Wdls to catch "Street King".. Complicated storyline, not bad but you can just watch them online if you want.. Makes no difference anyway.. =P

While waiting for the showtime, K and I went to Gelare for desserts since we dun want any big food..

Nice banana split.. But you'll get sick of it soon..

Chicken and mushroom pie.. Very nice but the $1.70 ones in SPC petrol station are not bad too.. =D

After that we went to Cold Storage to look at Alcohol.. Window shop in the supermarket can be really fun too!

If I'm going to live with K next time, we are going to make it look like this!


Went back home to have a nice slp..

Last week, K and I went town and had our dinner in Far East..


Nice food..

Chicken cutlet flying towards the sun..

Nice chicken chop.. Yummy..!

On the way home..

Ugly face..

Huge nose.. =P
Oh ya!

Saw this quite shocking news on the papers last week I tik..

What's your first impression?

a) Guy pregnant?
b) Gay (2 guys)couple getting children?


They are Lesbians!

The pregnant one had a sex change when she was 20+ years old but decided to retain her "let her pregnant" organ cos she wanna have her own baby.. The non pregnant ( who is supposed to be the female part of the couple) had her important organ removed that's why the "male" got pregnant..

Stupid right.. Might as well, 1 sex change enough le.. Now they both look totally like man getting married and giving birth.. Interesting though.. =D

Till then.. 306/7 going to collect our Harry Potter robes soon! =)

PS:I got a job in DBS already after 2 intensive and interesting interview.. Starting work in June.. So I've got another broke 1 and a half month to slack and 2 n a half month before I get some money.. ='(