Will I look Better?

1. With a smaller nose, bigger blue eyes and smaller face?


2.With a skinny body?


3. With bigger breasts?


4. With wider smille like those in Miss Universe?


I know these pics are scary and so unlike me! So please cherish and appreciate how I look know ok? If not who knows, I might go get a nose job, eye job, lips job, boobs job and lipo soon! >=(

But I know if I continue eating like there's no tml and dun exercise like as if everyday is my last day, I will become WONDER Woman..


Hehez.. That's what growing mushroom at home made me into.. Sobz.. Save me out for the mushroom field in my house! Please.. ='(

Photoshop skills learnt from Xiaxue.. Hahaz.. I know alot of you tiks tt she's juz a selfish bitch but I actually admire her.. Her efforts in editing pics to make sure everyone look nice in her blog, voice out her opinion proudly, not afraid to share.. And because I saw her blog during the beginning of this blog, I got inspired by her and started to took alot of pics and add them into my enteries.. That makes me love photography toO! Whenever I snap at sumthing, I'll have already prepared a caption for my entry.. Crazy isn't it? Hehez.. =P

PS: Check out my new pictorial wishlist! =D