Getting a Diploma..

Woke up at 2pm this afteroon, switch on the tv as usual, not very happily watching the stupid Taiwan Idol Serial on Cable Tv.


The tv off, "Tee!" went on, "Zap!" went off again..

My house is offically black out!

Not due to the rain but due to the whatever electrical thingy cos of the upgrading of lifts..

So I'm stuck at hoe with no electricity from 2.20pm to 4pm, without having internet connection too!

Lucky got a thing call telephone..

Bad things all happen at one time..


I received a sms from an unknown number indicating my results..


I spent half a yr for internship and end up with a Pass/ Fail grade..

What happened to the research paper.. Cos I didn't know that Boutique hotel doesn't provide extra bed? Sobz..

I promised myself to apply for job after getting my results..
Now it's time!!

Only happy thing for me now is Friday!!


Thanks! =)