Happy Retail Therapy!

Emo things aside..

I went to CWP at 7plus to buy things and mmet JieBin for "The House".. After buying my lashes, I realised I forgotten to bring my John Little vouchers! So I took a bus back and my sweet brother brought the vouchers to the bus stop for me and I went back to CWP.. Luck 1 stop onli.. Hehez..

If I nv get my vouchers I'll sure be sad de.. Cos I bought alot of things!


Sum things is from other shops.. Sorry to show you my beloved lingerie cos I really hearts them lots! Hahaz.. And I used my $30 John Little vouchers.. Still gt $20 more! I wonder who so dumb and generous to give my mum that.. Hahaz.. Oh! And the Minnie thingy is Ang Bao from JL.. So cute.. Hahaz..

The house is quite disguesting and thrilling but the ghost are just to FAKE!! But the poster alone is enuff to make the chill dw my spine.. Hahaz..


I would like to share the cover page of my portfolio, cos sum1 luff everytime he sees my banner.. So this is for him.. Hahaz..

After reading my blog entries since 2005, he found a pic of mi without make up!

So scary.. It's worst in 2008! ='(