Unexpected Phunk Bar Trip!

Met 1 bastard and 3 good guys.. Hahaz..

Here the story goes.. There was this guy I knew through Wei Long and wasn't reli v shou with him.. And he kept asking mi to go club with him and his platoon mates.. But i rejected him many times.. But todae, after the national library trip with Ade, we met him at Bugis before he went to club.. After a long decision and last transport for mi & Ade was over, she decided to go for the chill tgt.. So in order toaccomodate, they change their venue from MOS to Ohunk Bar..

Actually from the beginning, I knew he was a flirt but juz make fren lahz.. And he went to tell Ade tt he like mi (a trap obviously) and hint to his fren tt he was interested in mi.. I tik Ade believe tt.. Hahaz.. Blah blah blah..

Around 4+am when we left the bar, this ger, a ger tt he claimed tt his fren is interested in and he still openly flirt with her.. She look like a bitch too btw.. Hahaz.. Opps! I'm out to tanish their reputation! You dunno hu r they anyway.. Alright.. Den he went to Devil's Bar with her & another fren i think as he said tt he didn't had enuff fun dancing.. So he left mi and Ade with his frens driving us home.. Luckily the 3 guys was really nice and decent guys..

We went to Bukit Timah for supper ( onli the guys ate prata ).. Hahaz.. Sum more begin to sae tt "the guy" is a flirt and he always brag tt he went out with many gers and intimate with them.. (Opps, juz realised tt I might announce the who's the guy ltr) Hahaz.. Nvm.. So it's confirm tt guy is a bastard, in the way I see the situation as lahz.. Hahaz.. And the ger (bitch) was one of his used product.. Hahaz.. Joking lahz.. I dunno wat they do when he send her home lahz.. But it's confirm tt it's nth decent..

Ermm.. I tik tt's all abt that bastard story.. Hahaz.. In the end, at least we noe 3 gd guys! Hahaz.. Who might be our potential chill-out mates.. But they in ns, abit difficult lahz.. Hahaz..

Here goes the pics!!

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Her blowing the foam @ the 24-hr prata shop..

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The 3 gd guys.. Pardon the quality of the pic cos it was a pic took without their notice! Hahaz..

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Went, I reached home at about 6+am when mum was about to go out.. She didnt scold mi.. Hahaz.. Daddy, Mummy loves mi lots! Hahaz.. Ok, back.. I bath and still smell of the cigarette smoke from the bar and it's bugging mi, and I think the teh tarik took its effect on mi tt made mi still blogging at this hr.. Hahaz..

Meeting Yen Yen & Mun Yi (pri sch mates) about 6 years nv see them le.. Hahaz.. Gonna go play pool tgt, after tt, maybe evening gg JB with my other frens.. Hahaz.. Maybe onli.. Cos I scare my body cant tahan. Old le.. Going 19 this year!! Argh!!

Hahaz.. All in all, the best fun of today was the trip back after leaving tt bastard.. Hahaz.. Thanks to the 3 gd boys!! =D