Sad and Worried..

Have a few fun events to blog about for the past week, but not in the mood to do so now.. I'm juz feeling sad now.. No 1 chatting with mi on the msn and I couldn't sms anyone.. My hp line was suspended a few daes ago cos of my $108 Starhub bill that was uncleared for 3 mthz.. Hahaz.. Feel like laughing at my state now.. I'm having fun with my frens everyday when we are tgt.. But I feel quite down when I juz reached home juz now..

I love my family, but I juz cant seem to bring laughther to them anymore, at least for now, I didn't noe how to.. ='( Was spending alot these few daes, owing Ade for the food we bought yest.. When I asked my mum for last week's allowance, she told mi she had no more money left and dad told mi b4 tt he would onli have money for mi after 1st Feb.. Pls teach mi how to survice mi the $17 I'm left with now..

Been feeling v anxious or worried I should say when I was on the train on the way home, I dunno what happened to mi.. Tot of reaching home asap s that I can find safe and secure.. But why did I have to flare up (abit) juz because my mum said she wanna bath first.. I tik I'm too silly.. Been telling my self and others how much I love my family, but I juz couldn't control my temper juz now.. It is my hormones? Or is it juz my bad control of feelings and emotions.. I'm envying ppl with good bodies, and I tik I wanna try the stupidest way to slim down.. Starve!!! Both miney saving and weight saving..



My love, I reli love all of you! Thanks..