I Am So Puzzled By What Had Happened To Me..

Where'd You Go?
I Miss You So..
Seems Like It's Been Forever..
That You Been Gone..

Are You Escaping From The Past We Spent Tgt?
I Miss The Times..
The Good Times..
All Are Left As Memories,
That Are Impossible To Replay..
Don't You Think So?

Whatever It Is,
WE Are Gone..

What's Left For Mi In The beginning of 2007,
Is An Empty Heart,
And A Mind Filled With School And Work..

I Finally Realised The Precious-ness Of Friendship,
It's What That Held On To Me All Along..
Thanks Friends Who Might And Might Not Be There..

Am I Left Alone?
To Let You Explore You Happiness,
With Your Future Better Girl..

I Miss You..
Very Much..
Too Hard And Too Much,
For Me To Take..

Shall I Just Gave Up To Be A Happier Mi?
Or Shall I Just Go On And Try To Be Happier?

I Feel So Lost..
Not In A Forest..
But In A World Filled With Emptiness..
It's Scary You Know..
Experiencing All Those Sleepless Nights..
And Quiet Tears..

I Put My Sadness In A Bottle,
So That It Won't Bothers You..
I Shouldn't Be Your Burden Anymore..

My Boy,
Whoever It Is,
I Miss You..
And I Hope To Listen Your Voice Again..

Take Care..