Staying Single..

I admire you girls who haf gd boyfriend and good girl friends..


Good food tgt..
Go zoo tgt..
Go museum tgt..
Countdown tgt..
Movie marathon tgt..
Explore fun places tgt..
Swim tgt..
Exercise tgt..
Laugh tgt..
Celebrate tgt..

I'm juz alone.. Waiting for someone to hold my hands and cheer mi up, make mi smile.. No matter is a guy or ger.. I want to feel warmth with your concern..

I dun wanna lose sleep thinking of weird stuff.. I dun wanna be afraid of nightmares anymore.. I dun wanna feel insecure.. I dun wanna spend the day alone.. I dun wanna be emotional.. I dun wanna cry alone..

I wanna be strong.. Be independent.. Be smarter.. Be more confident.. Be way I wanna be.. Achieve wat I wanna achieve..

I wanna work hard so that I can forget about worrying wat will happen later.. I dun wanna worry where my heart flies to.. I dun wanna be sad..

Staying single is gd.. But not without gd frens around.. Dearie is so happy.. I'm happy for her too.. =D

Everytime saw her fruitful trips with Ah Siau.. So envy.. How does it few like to share the experiences you want with someone you love?

I hope I know..