My New (Old) Bestie!!

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Last night on msn, sum stupid guy added mi on Msn and said that since a long time ago, I'm on his Friendster's list.. Oh well, and he found out I live near him.. So add mi chat chat..

Oh well..

After a long chat.. Found out a big secret!!!

We are kindergarden besties!!! Hahaz.. Since 1994 lohz.. =D

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A few weeks ago, I found my Primary school classmates & now him.. Hahaz.. So ridiculous.. Am i going to die soon? Or else, y m i meeting "old" friends? Hehez..

He said he joining Project Superstar this year, the competition tt I might be joining too.. Hahaz.. So we started toking abt it, how he sing, how I sing.. Thus, come out with the conclusion tt we should go SING together.. Hehez.. Since I've been longing to go kBox and no 1 volunteer to pei mi.. =P Hehez.. And he promised to buy mi "banana & chocolate" or "milk strawberry" flavoured LOLLIPOP!!! =D

Since we live near each other, we met at CWP at 1+pm.. I was late! -.-"
Actually we decided on, mi treating him lunch & him treating mi kBox.. Hahaz.. But in the end, we both dun feel like eating, so i saved my share!! Kekez.. =)

Oh Ya!! I gt my Chupa Chups " banana & chocolate" flavoured lollipop!

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I think quite difficult to find it nowadays lohz.. Some more he said hw bought it at an old shop.. (i tik expired 3 yrs ago le bahz..) ^.^ *But i'm enjoying it now* Hahaz..

So we went to kBox.. Sang our favourites song and duet songs.. Hahaz.. *whisper* He kept 'zhao xia'.. Hehez.. Still wanna joined competition.. But actually he sing quite well lahz.. Compared to normal guys.. OppS! =P

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Took a lot of pics with both our hp.. Till his hp also low batt.. Hahaz.. =X

He needa rush off to work at Thomson, so we bod each other gdbye at 5+pm..

Quite an enjoyable day with all the singing and meeting up an old fren... He said we act as though we knew each other for many years.. Actually we did wat.. Juz tt we paused for a few years.. Hehez..

Hope tt he will become the emergency contactable person in future.. Hahaz..

We also decided to find "Xiao Hong" from the class.. Kekez..

Till then,

Tata.. =D