Long and Tiring Day.. =P

Yest Ade & I went to Goodwood Park Hotel to work as banquet waitress.. My first time worz.. Very excited..

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Hahaz.. I scare they sue mi frm taking pic from their webby, so i acknowledge better.. =X

The place is juz next to Fareast Plaza onli.. (cos i onli noe tt yest) Hahaz..

The lane inside quite old and down lohz.. Compared to Tunor Ballroom, the interior is like 1 sky, 1 earth lahz.. Hahaz.. "the image is very impt!!".. Hehez..

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Actually our job very easy lohz, went to change uniform den stand there 1hr++ prepare for the lunch at the ballroom.. Very slack for that 1hr++.. Whent he guests came in, we helped to bring the plates to stewarding area onli lohz.. But I reli very uselss lohz.. The thing too heavy for my le.. Both my arms muscle pains like hell now.. Sobz.. We went off at 4pm to shop at Fareast plaza.. Told u beside onli le mahz.. Hahaz..

Went to shop around and I bought 2 things tt I wouldn't use most likely... Haha.. Impulse buying and peer pressure.. =P

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After tt, Wei Jie came to meet us from his school den we juz walk around lohz.. Hahaz.. They gt topic to tok about lei.. "Marina Mandarin" =D Kekez.. After tt, we left her while she was shopping for clothes and meeting someone else later.. So dun sae we pang sei her huh.. Hahaz.. ^.^

Actually we gg to visit her auntie de.. But due to the lack of sleep of both of us.. We skipped it.. Hahaz.. Cos the previous night we didnt sleep watching "Now and Forever".. Hehez.. Den we took train back to Woodlands to buy tickets for "Ghost Game'' @ 2150.. =)

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After tt, we went for dinner and waited him him to go hm n change.. The movie is quite scary lahz.. During the show onli.. After tt, we totally 4gotten abt the fear le.. Hahaz..

After tt, although we were very tired, we decide to go jogging at Marsiling, cos we go home aso cant sleep.. Hahaz.. I so much wanted to grab a bite lohz.. But canot!! ='(

We went to ran-walk for 1.05am to 2.30am.. After tt, we went for a drink.. Hahaz.. He only brought $2 and we could onli afford this!! S0bx..

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But quite nice.. Hehex.. Ice NesCafe..

Den this afternoon I ate this!!

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Den I walked home from Marsiling.. Very hardworking horz?? Hahaz.. Actually i dun wanna go interchange with my sports wear.. Very embarassing lohz.. Hehez.. =P

And he bought mi this the other dae.. Kekez.. =P

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