Never had a more heptic week than this week..

Monday: Project
Tuesday: Project
Wednesday: Never sleep
Today: Kitchen Operations
Friday: Business suit

Everyone is so pissed and buzz with projects, everyone is damn tired.. Tml will end everything for us..

Kitchen operations for RITS today was tiring, muscle aches everywhere.. Hoping that a kind soul will be good enough to provide a massge for mi.. ='(

Reli falling apart physically and emotionally..

There's so many things i wanna share with u.. Family, friends, school, life.. I weanna tell u what happened nthis week and i wanna heard yours too.. But the chances are getting slimmer and slimmer..

And "Poof!"
Finally gone.. No more chance to share it with u le..

If i could turn back time and make a wish,
I will still choose to be with you..

For the past 150 days, 16 hours and 14minutes you have given was a good experience of my life..

I love you, Baby..
I still do..

Don't tire urself out with work and games ok?
Know you wont see this, but i still wanna tell u how i feel..

If there's no chance for mi to share with u my daily activities, i hope my enteries will accompany you to acknowledge my life whenever u tik of mi..


Take care..
Love, cHeRie..