*GEMS Training At Suntec*

Was occupied with the Training sessions at Suntec in Sat n Sun.. Woo.. Very tiring.. But the tea breaks always wake us up.. Hehez..

First dae morning we had sandwiches and pastries, and the second dae we had pastries and kuehs.. =D

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But i love the sanwiches best!! =P

Didnt took any pics on Saturdae, onli took the look of convention hall and the "fake" "i am listening look" with Anna..

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Sunday we wore casual wear, but to act pro.. I wore all blacks.. Hehez..

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Clarrise very pretty right? Exchanged the necklace with her.. Nice topshop necklaces..

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Took this random pics during lunch break... Cool huh?!

Ended the Gems training at 3pm and after tt, proceed to take the fingerprints data, try uniforms and took the pic for IMF passes.. So ugly la my pic.. The head small small den look like typical cheena.. So sad.. Disappointed with myself sia.. Haiz.. But we must have positive self talk!!

Waited for Anna to finish her photo taking, she's one of the last batch students from the 90++ crowd..

While Hui Ting was doing stupid stunts beside us, we took pics!! ^_^

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Anna and I became closest on Year 1 semester 1 holidae i tik, kept gg to Wdls library and CWP to slack.. Hahaz.. Misses her as my classmate.. ='(

Wanted to eat at Glutton Bay with Dearie and stroll along marina bay.. But the rush of proj made mi go hm disappointedly once again.. A sleepy journey hm from esplanade to Wdls.. Bought breadtalk and went hm to complete my things..

Todae's CRSpa interview went on gong-ly.. Jus slack and crap through the 2 qns asked and my Applied Research presentation was so unprofessional.. =(

But nvm.. It's over.. Thursday gonna haf culinary stupid dumb, redundant, and useless presentation during debrief.. Long dae again.. No 8 to 6 is not possible..

Den next Tues gt project interview in Marketing and PHEW!!!
I'll finish all the projects for yr 2 sem 1.. Hahaz..
Gonna find a way to re-organize the grping in our class le.. So many politics.. Opps! =O

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Well, beautiful sky on last Thursday, had a short stroll at the romantic Palawan beach at 7++pm with Yee Ping after project meetings.. How i wish i could go back there again with my gd frens..

Fireworks at Marina bay by Italy in Saturday 9pm.. Any kind sould willing to spare time and watch with mi? -_-

I wish to go back Marina Bay and enjoy the breeze again.. Alone?? Hope not..

Till then,
Tata.. cHeRiSh Mi Plz..