Foody Daes At TAS!!

Feeling better le.. =D

After Club, Resort Spa test yest, the group of 10 of us went to RITS for our lunch.. (Fine dining restaurant in TAS)

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So we ordered a set each which cost us $12.50 (An appetiser, a main course, a dessert, coffee, tea) and a mocktail-$2..

We went in at about 1pm and we are having class at 2pm.. Sop we tot we haf sufficient time for my lunch..

Tadah!! After the long wait..

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Can u spot the inconsistency of the vanilla panna (tofu thingy) ?? Mine was one-third the size of Adeline's, and the sweet ger pass mi sum of hers.. Hahaz..

It was 2pm and we have juz finished the desserts.. Waiting for our coffees and teas.. I onli had 2 mouthfuls and we need to rush of for class at the com lab.. Luckyily, it was on the same ground floor.. =P Whew..

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Our Applied Research cum Apel 2 tutor cum nice and charming guy.. Mr Dominic Fung.. Hahaz.. Very nice guy..

Today we went to try Petite Square Cafe.. They serve cheaper food.. $1 to $3 onli.. Hahaz.. Forgotten to take pics wen i was eating, so i went to snap a shot at Anna and guys' food before rushing to the next class.. =X

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Was feeling unwell when i woke up this morning, dragged myself to sch while psyco-ing myself tt sch today is impt..
But in the mid of lesson, i found myself down with fever.. Sob.. Wasn;t feeling tt well.. Causing mi to act weird during Accounting.. Sorry guys..

Dunno wth to skip sch tml anot.. I wont take MC tts for sure.. 3 lectures including Accounting and Apel 2 from 5-6pm.. Should i skip??


Sob.. ='(