A Nice Dae Spent With Dearie!!

Hahaz.. So long since i last had a proper blog entry..

Met Dearie on Thurs at 2pm at BoonLay Mrt Station.. Bought our lunch at Jurong Pt and headed off to her hse for cookie-baking..

Oh ya.. And I bought a cross-stitch piece for Mum's b'dae.. Hahaz.. Hafta finish it by Sat's night.. =P

It is a tissue holder.. I tik mum will get to use it ba.. hehez.. Sum more it's from Precious Moment (Baby).. =O

Had lunch with the TV on and explore her hse's exercising equipment.. Osim uZap, the big exercise ball, and the "turn-turn" thingy..

Alright.. Start work..
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As u can see.. I tried to make a heart-shaped cookie.. It isn;t so easy as it seems.. cos when it came out from the oven.. Dearie said it looks like butt.. Well.. I suggested "peach" to be mpore civilised.. Hehez..

Tt lizard in the pic is shedding its skin, and she insisted mi on taking a pic of it.. -.-" The small drops of "mixture" on the tray are Dearie's stingy masterpiece.. Mine are big and fuller.. Hehez..

Halfway through baking.. (needa wait for 20mins for each tray to e ready..) I went into her rm to check out the Music Box Pressie.. Hahaz.. Miss it so much..
During the baking of last tray of cookies, I finally gt the time to try Osim uZap.. Hehez.. So exciting..

Zap zap.. Zap zap.. uZap..

Hahaz.. Very funny, mi n Dearie kept luffing.. Had fun with it for 10 mins.. And the afteruse effects was..


Argh... So itchy... So uncomfortable.. Argh.. No wonder she sae her family members seldom use nowadaes le.. Hahaz.. But it seems quite effective though.. The choice is urs.. =P

The cookie turned out.. Soft and not very nice.. Cos Dearie wanted a more crispy ones.. Hehez.. No choice.. Next time ba..

The rain was heavy Yest wanted to go Jurong Pt to try out skirt with Dearie, but we just hafta wait.. Meanwhile, both of us took out our cross-stitch and start stitching while we started to gossip and complain abt our boy.. Hahaz.. Maybe discuss is a better word ba.. Anna showed mi her ring tt she chose as her b'dae present from.. Mr ah siau.. Hehez.. (=P sure kena scold de.. )

After the rain stopped, we went to Jurong Pt at abt 7++pm to shop around.. Hehez.. Finally headed hm at 10pm..

Went to IKEA on Wed to find a frame to frame up my PM cross stitch and came acoss these cute deco in a gal's room.. hahaz.. So sweet.

Rmb the post abt Sakae, here it goes.. Nth much though..
Had buffet at Sakae and took sum real lame pic loh..

Hahaz.. Tues went back TP juz to eat Chicken Katsu Don at M
Not gg back to TP wen sch reopen, so kinda sad.. HAiz.. Take pic for memo ba.. Hehez.. =P