FHA with Dearie!!

Went to FHA for the second time wth Dearie yest..
Nobody accompanying her and she felt so left out in the class..

So after school, i took a bus to Bedok tiking of taking 168 back to Wdls, but she had this request.. So i took train to meet her in Tanah Merah..

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Met a cute Japanese uncle at the Sweet Potato Sake booth.. Went to try a cup or 2.. Walked away and after that, went back to find him for the second time to take pics with him.. Hehez..

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Before the event end at 4, we saw this cute Cat mascot at a Jap booth.. Hahaz.. After much persuasion, Dearie finally agreed to take a pic with it.. Hahaz..

Having 2 ppl walking at FHA aso not bad la.. Hahaz.. At least wont get lost so easily.. Thankz Dearie.. =D