Early Dismission.. (updated)

Had my BOE tutorial half an hr ago.. And it was done by 9.25.. Hahaz.. Stupid lhz.. To n Fro from school, i need 6 times of the time i spent in school todae lei.. Hehez.. ='(
Next week, it was requested to start the class at 9.30am.. (It was supposed to be 9am)
Wat a good lecturer.. Daniel Chia, Dearie's favourite.. Hahaz..

Tuesday, 25th April 2006

It was Samuel's B'dae.. We met up with 1H01 ppeps (14 in total) and went to Wheelock's nydc for dinner.. And 5.10pm.. Hahaz.. Had 3 amigo pastaa dn the taste was horrible to mi.. Peppery beef balls and too thick tomato sauce and blah blah blah.. I juz didn't like it.. But it look nice though..

Dearie ordered honey-baked ham sandwiches and the waitress misunderstood it as tuna sandwiches.. So wen the order came, She rejected it.. Alright, So the crew had to prepared a new "sandwiches" for her..

Yadah yadah yadah.. We finished our dinner and were discussing where to go after that outside Wheelock.. And Dearie's tummy suddenly doesn't feel well.. Haiz.. Must be the food.. MUST B E THE CREW.. =P

After tt, did not went to sing as planned earlier on, we went to drink.. At Indo chine..
Didnt feel like ordering anything actually, cos i dun wanna spent mpre tham$10 on a drink.. But temptation overpowered mi and I ordered Strawberry Kiss..
=> Brandy, Rum, Wild Strawberry schnapps, Cranberry juice, Orange juice..
Taste nice to mi loh.. Hehez..

Bill out and the 11 of us spent $136++
My strawberry kiss cost $12.87 after 25% discount for happy hrs.. Hehez..
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After that, met up with baby and Shaun and went over to Tcc.. Hehez.. He wanted mi to order sumthing so i ordered Muddy mudpie.. Hehez.. Wat a sinful day out.. Hehez.. =P

Went home at 10++pm.. =D

Thursday, 27th April 2006

Had culinary science.. Seems like damn stress loh that subj.. Projects, upselling products, blah blah.. Next week gonna be in school by 7.30am so tt we can change into our full set of chef's uniform.. Kaoz.. And I'll haf to wake up at 5am or even earlier.. Wth lohz.. Sianz..

Lesson finishes at 12.10pm yest and we took train to EXPO for FHA exhibition..
We went there empty-stomach and start eating and eating samples wen we gt there.. Hahaz..
That made me very very full already.. And we drank there too.. "Sucker, Sake, Wines" Hahaz.. And chocolate was nice there.. Gt the sculpture too!!!

We queued for ice cream cone.. Hahaz.. Hey, i aso saw the blue lobster.. Hehez.. Look like fake fake de loh..
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Tiring dae.. Sad to sae.. During the morning lecture i was already falling aslp le.. =P

Went home alone exceptionally early.. Reach hm about 8pm and took a long shower.. Haiz.. What girls do went they haf no 1 accompanying them and nth to do.. Sianz..

Think haf to go hm early todae too.. Cos no 1 will be accompanying mi.. Haiz.. Any volunteers???
Sob.. ='(

Dad asked mi to tidy my rm tml , so i suppoised nt gg out le ba.. No1 pei mi out aso.. So I tik i'll haf to agreee my boiss to help her work next mth's weekends le..


Juz feel like scolding sum1 now.. Sorry..

Had financial prob.. Shouldn't haf made my decision so fast.. Now I gt no money to pay for my Knife set le.. $90.. Haiz.. How?? I hope to get my $400 back asap.. Cos i dun wan my mummy to see my bankbook and gt worried by it..

Hope my prince will come..


"It's not the girls' fault when she leave you for another guy...
If the reason being, You are not by her side whenever she needs you..
Get it?"