I'm so disappointed by ur..

" Wo Wang Ji Le.."

Even Dearie said she was touched, and siau said i finally gt a proper blog entry..

But u disappoints mi with ur boh chap-ness..

Maybe I had enuff..

Maybe to u, not toking means no quarreling..

I noe u tried to do things to make mi luff..

But smiling sometimes doesn't mean "I'm Happy!"

I dunno y i gt so emotional nowadays..

Gt tired of the slacker's lifestyle le ba..

Having nth to do when i woke up in the morning and think..

"Should I meet you todae?"

I wan it no more..

Maybe I wan us no more..

Still, I contracdict myself daily with the topic of being with you..

I dun wan disappointments from you anymore..

You had never done anything that made mi feel no regrets..

I'm selfish, always trying to pursue the things I wan..

Never thought of your feelings..

But I doubt you do too..

Extreme disappointment..

Just like how Wei Long exclaimed.. :
"I know him very long, but i dunno him.."

Dearie listened to what I said, and i am thankful..

At least she appreciated..

But you never appreciates what I've done..


I tired to be sweet, be nicer to you..

But nth came as what I expected..

I noe one shouldn't ask for return..

But i do..

Thinking back, nothing I do made mi feels appreciated..

I tried to surprise you, but u r not surprised..

I'm just a failure..

Thanks for making mi feel that way..

"I've fallen to somewhere which nobody could pick me up.. I know you couldn't do that too.. because you have never tried to.."