Working Daes.. Happier Daes.. =D

Had been very lag in updating my blog.. Hahaz.. Dunno gt ppl even visit it anot..Haha.. Anyway, Since I was scheduled to work at Century Sq outlet, my daes have been easier.. Happier than the past few daes.. hehez.. =D

Of cos, I wont update my blog without any pics de.. Hahaz.. Cam-whoring continues at work.. Hehez.

Tml is my off dae le.. Actually dun haf the mood to work tml de.. Wanna to cancel the off dae de.. But boss sae the next off dae is next Friday and i will be in Hougang if i work tml.. Of cos i reject tt lohz.. Kekez..
Haiz.. Dunno where to go tml le.. Sianz..
Mum took out alot of photo albums last weekz.. From there, i took a few pics of the past.. The fatter mi is damn scary lahz.. hahaz.. I tik dun look like mi at all ba.. Wahaha..

Maybe if i gg out tml, I will blog more ba.. Hehez.. =P
Till then,