Twinny Dearies..

Went over to City Hall with Mich and Dearie todae afternoon to look for jobs in NTUC income..

The telepathy btw dearie works again todae.. Anna and I wore the same thingy..

As u can see, We both wore white tee, same jeans and same slipper.. Hahaz.. And even the same bag.. Whoohoo.. What more can i sae? She loves mi.. Hahaz..

This pic made us look sooooo.. short and ermm.. fat? Hahaz..
We swear we didn't decide on this tgt.. Kekez.. ^_^

My fren gt mi an interview on Monday for cosmetic promoter but i needa work on Mondae leh.. How ah? Hahaz.. Hope NTUC will gif mi sum gd news.. Hehez..

Gt hm at 11+pm and found a letter on the table..

Sent by somebody who i dunno from Changi Prison.. I tik things aren't tt simple ba.. In the letter the guy sae until like i'm his fren like tt..

Den he mentioned abt Christianity, prayers, "one more chance", regrets getting into the prison.. So i dunno what he's trying to do or sae.. If anyone receives similiar letter muz tell mi ok?? So tt i'll noe wats gg on.. Thankz..

The letter bears the address of Changi Prison.. Some more i reli duno anyone call paul lei.. Hahaz..

The letter is damn long lahz.. Hahaz.. Why he waste the effort sia? Opps.. =P
That's all.. Keep mi inform if anyone of u gt this ok? Thanks Thanksz..
Chaoz.. =D