Sad.. no!!.. I'm Happy..

Yest went to meet Him at Orchard at 4.30pm (cos I was late for half an hr..) Kekez.. Was hungry and we went to eat lunch at Republic food court at Wisma..

After the infamous Hokkien Mee, we order dessert.. Since he always wanna do funny things, he did a very obscene thing.. Hahaz..

After tt, went to look for Adidas jacket, saw a Mac looking 1.. Red with yellow strips ans a small flower embro at the bottom right hand corner.. Tempted to buy,$139.. But tik the Nike de better ba.. Brighter.. Hahaz.. And cheaper.. $87.95.. Onli saw it at Nikewomen at Wisma i tik.. Hehez..
After tt, went to brr's hse play Mahjong again.. I very stubborn and lost $5++, if I let him win in the last round, maybe can win back watever we lost previously.. Sob..

Whew, and I did reach hm b4 12.. Haiz.. Cab fare is killing him.. ='(
06 March 2006

Todae is the 1st dae of work.. Although clinched a few deals, i was not happy.. My superviser kept suaning mi like hell la.. bitch.. hahaz.. Btw, i work at the cheap labour (actually it was abt $3.50/hr) todae.. Hehez..

Didnt manage to call him but saw his 2++pm sms at 4+ and replied.. Onli saw his 7+ sms at 9+pm.. So pathetic.. Sob.. But i was so surprised when he sae he's on the way to Kovan wen i called him.. =D

I met him after work and decided to take 161 from Hougang instead of SK.. Cheaper aso mahz.. Although i ate at 6+pm, the greedy mi still kept complaining of wanting to find food.. Saw nth at Hougang, and we disappointingly boarded 161..

Luckily and unfiortunately, his "big" eyes spotted Pasar Malam on the way to SK.. At Hougang there.. We alighted to buy food and tot of rushing for the next 161..

We bought $7++ worth of food to eat on the bus... Hahaz.. Ramly burger, chicken wing, fishball, etc. When we were abt to leave the stall, we saw 161 approaching the bus stop, the both of us juz ran towards the road.. hahaz.. Lucky he noe the traffic light will turn red foir the bus.. hehez.. And we safely boarded the bus.. Once again.. Kekez..

The food we bought lasted us from Hougang to Wdls interchange.. Can imagine the amt we bought ba.. Hehez..

He ate like a Carnivore lahz.. Hehez..
We muz really appreciate the following 3 pics.. Cos more than 3/4 of the pics we took, his eyes were shut.. Wahaha.. =P

He met his fren at the interchange to go back to the east.. And i walked hm & reached hm at abt 11++pm.. =D
I'm eating my desserts now.. Hehez.. Watermelon & Mango & my Precious moments.. Kekez..

Although working is unhappy, but seeing him make my heart feels warm.. Sweets.. Hehez.. =D