Lonely Life..

I did blog a few daes ago.. But the stupid post didnt came out.. Haiz..

My daes had been boring.. Kept going hm late..

My ex-boss at Verge ask mi back for work at the low pay job.. ($2++/hr)
Shitty lohz.. But i tik i still will go ba.. To spend my time and earn sum extras.. Gonna had lonely late trip back from Kovan from next week onwards le.. Haiz.. ='(

Went Kbox yest with Eetien.. Stupid smoker!! Hate him lahz!!

Hahaz.. He slept in the room..
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Sang our fav song.. "Ni zui zhen gui".. Hehez..

He sang many weird songs, gt Beyond's canto song, Tan Lei teochew song and even "$1 000 000".. Kekez..
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Cam-whoring in the room..
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After that, went to eat at Yoshinoya and headed dw to Sebawang for Mahjong at 7++pm..
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Chi shi Ni ah!!!
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Haiz.. I lost abt $8++.. But lucky he pay for mi.. Hahaz..

I was supposed to be Cinderella since after exams, so i hafta reach hm be 12am from nw on.. But i reach hm at abt 1.10am yest and haha..


I cried immediately, didnt noe wat to do.. I sat on the stairs, cry and cry.. Until i had the courage to knock on the door and waited.. Surprisingly, Mum opened the door and didnt scold mi.. Whew..
Haiz.. Lonely lonely lonely life..

No bf is like tt de lahz.. Even Anna gt "bf" leiz.. Sobz.. ='(