Typical Sch Dae..

Thank you Sak pretty for plucking my eyebrows for mi yest afternoon.. She spent abt an hr standing in the lib's toilet with mi lahz.. hahaz.. =X Den i look so uch better with the thinner brows.. Kekez.. Thank you..

On the way hm yest, i saw this interesting "thing".. hehez.. Or rather animal lohz..

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Moooo... Anna was here..

Finish econs Q & A todae, finally sumthing dw again.. Had lunch at Mensa again after sch.. Saw Hui Yi.. Hehezx..

Nothing to do, so act as if there's sumthing nice, so took pics..

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Look grand lohz.. At least i tik so..

It's a bliss to haf so many wonderful peeps eating lunch with u.. =D.. Wo shiu xin fu de.. Hehez..

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Maybe read other ppl's blog too much le.. Now tend to post such immopral photo.. Opps..

Anna thanked mi abt the blog entry yest on msn juz nw.. Wonder wat she means??? =P