My Beloved Dearie..

Thank You Anna Dearie..

Saw this on her Blog..

this is for dearie: its good to dream.. but a dream is a dream. whats the probability of it to ever come true? there is. it may come true. but only time will tell. but in the meantime... you have all of us!!! fret not abt V day. we'll spent it tgt... with the mehs and crab.. and the bday girl!

Of cos i wont dream about anything now.. All i wan is motivation to study.. U see, sat afternoon without u, made mi no mood to study.. Hahaz.. Hope u could always pei mi study.. Den i can get better results le.. I scare of regretting not putting in efforts onli.. Love you guys losta.. Forever in my heart.. Let the past pass.. Dearie, u muz aso do tt too.. =D Promise??

9 daes to the big dae.. Muahahaha... Looking forward to it.. Loves u always..