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Yest did this with Aaron...

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Haha.. Copy somebody de.. I drew this and asked him to continue..

Was doing my ppt in the middle of the night, waiting for my grp members to send mi their part so tt i could do my ppt.. In the meanwhile at 1.30am.. I started this game..

By 2.20am.. The simple thingy became..

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Wanna start a new drawing de.. But his msn started to lag and cant send anymore drawing.. Hehez.. Thus, we stopped the game..

But at least, i learnt how to take screenshot.. Hehez.. (W-O-L-S)

Since todae morning, i've been thinking of going to the library to study till the time Anna's grp finish their project, so can go Joyce's hse play..

In the end, brought my brother there to do his hw and my revision at 4++pm..

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My brother took de.. Hehez.. =P

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Onli at library, he can keep all destractions away.. Finally did his hw peacefully le..

I decided to bring him to the library for the rest of the week liao.. Wahaha..

Waited and waited..

The second time i kena pang seh le..
(They did nt send mi their part till todae afternoon..)

Anna did not contact mi abt gg Joyce's hse..

Haiz.. Stay in the library till 8++pm and went to CWP meet Mummy..

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Bought breadtalk hm to eat.. Till now.. Onli ate a bread.. No appetite.. Damn fed up with things..

Onli blogging made mi get away for awhile.. Sianz.. FUCK!!!

Dunno why these days so easily get gastric.. Last time never eat aso nv like tt.. Haiz..

My parents finally know i'm single le.. Hahaz.. Dad sae aiya at this age onli play play de lahz.. Whoo.. So open-minded.. Hehez..

True lohz.. At least i live happily now.. Studying reli beats hanging out with boi boi lohz.. Disgusting!!!

Yest my (no.1 fan) made mi laugh out loud..

He said:
Juz now sumbody kena caught in the lift lehz.. (he already at hm le)
Den nobody go and help him.. So i went dw to help him call the "helpline"..

Den i was like.. Ok fine..

And he went on to sae about his ex hu live above him..

Den i tot he still canot forget her mahz.. So i change the topic to his ex..
When we came back to wat he wanna sae abt his ex, he went on..

"Actually I wanna ask her on msn, wth she gt heard the alarm ring anot, den i dun dare ( tik tts wat he sae ba..)"

"Maybe i shld juz open the window and shout "Hey! U wanna go and save tt person with mi anot!!"

He said all these in Chinese lahz.. Den sum more his voice is like haven break de, cute cute one.. So wen he express all these, is like damn funny lohz.. Tts y i decided to blog it dw..

I know like tt no effect lahz.. But juz wanna blog ot dw as a memo.. Kekez.. =P

Haiz.. Hafta continue with my preparation for tml Commskills presentation le.. Sianz..