Emotional C..

Dunno y.. I've been draggin myself to blog..
Maybe i'm tired of blogging le ba..
No reason to blog..
Maybe i'm nt the most cheerful and bubbly ger le ba..

Gt very emotional yest.. Tik gt every1 ermm.. "..."

Had my last paper yest.. I was the last to go in and 1st to came out.. Hahaz.. Must be gone case liao..

After that, we went to Tampines Swensens to eat.. I reli dunno what gt into mi that made mi blown up.. I dunno y i tear, i dunno y i had the sudden urge to go find him..

After dinner, they decided to go Marina Sq, as i was in reli ='( mood, i didnt wanna go, but since this is like a "last" outing, i went into the MRT station, took a short train ride to Pasir Ris, and i decided not to go and alighted to go find him..

After that, i went home myself feeling reli very emo.. Very very emo..

He called mi abt 25 times which I didnt picked up.. Cos he wanna be alone?? Haiz.. Dunno lahz.. But there's something abt him that always made mi laugh very soon after.. Hahaz..

Got well by the time i got home.. Thankz boi..
Exams finally over.. Gonna be desperate for a job again.. But i can sense tt, sup papers are coming my way..
Took this a few daes ago..

Wen i went to the library, i found this combi of Hui Ting & Anna..

"Misery are longer lasting than happiness. It stays in our heart for a longer period."