This is the bag i "bought" for Lystra (Man Jun).. The bag i like soooo.. much..

Went to "study" at Mos Burger with her on Sundae.. Hahax.. She wore her new slipper, brought her new bag and wore her new shorts.. Bought on Sat de lahz.. So fast sia.. Hahaz..

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Lame photos again..

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Going to study like gg to market like tt.. Hahaz..
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Forced to take with such pose.. Tt pants is a jeans hor.. Not sum auntie pants.. Hehez..

Wow.. These pic took yest after my Jap Listening Test.. Hahaz.. Damn difficult lohz.. Nv study.. Lolx..

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Hahaz.. Juz wanna take pic wit mi standing on the bench.. & taller den Aimee.. hehez.. =P

Yan like my watch so much tt she wanna eat it directly from my hand lohz.. And to prove tt i'm well liked by my fellow frens.. Here's another pic..

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I'm so innocent, she still wanna take advantage of mi.. Sob.. ='(

Cos I'm the best "xi tuo mei" in class!! Wahaha.. (lame.. -.-")
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Was absent from sch todae.. (Tues) Was not feeling well and was reli too lazy to get up.. Dun wanna faint on the road wen i get out of the hse.. Haiz..

Tml is the pom presentation.. Dunno wat to do reli.. Haiz.. Wish s gd luck ba.. Hahaz.. =D Muackiez..