Out With Man Jun!!

Todae woke up at 12++ den too lazy le, so went back to slp till 2++.. Meeting Man Jun at 3.. Hahaz.. We took 960 to BP change 190 to Somerest..

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Cam-whoring b4 i go out.. Hehez..

Went we reach there 5++ le.. Hahaz.. Went to Heeren, bought my earring.. ^_^ I like it very much.. But at first dun bear to buy.. $18.90 lehzx.. Sob Sob.. But reli very nice, so Man Jun help mi pay first.. Kekez.. Thank worz..

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The nail polish i bought at Cineleisure..

After tt, we went Cineleisure.. Bought a gold watch, hahaz.. Finally found my shimmering watch le.. Hehez.. Cheapest i can find le.. Man Jun bought the same 1 too.. Hehez..

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Den i aso bought my ripples slipper aso.. Hahaz.. My feet pain the whole dae le, den wanna go hm le den buy.. Hahaz.. So stupid lohz..

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Went hm at 9++.. Hahaz.. Took dunno wat bus to Bukit Timah there to change 178 to my hse downstairs.. Hahax.. Reach home at 10++..

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Man Jun bought a metal template, a stamp and a bottle of nail polish for $15.90 lei.. Very cute and useful.. Dunno shld buy anot.. Haiz.. The template allow us to pace nice patterns on nail de.. =P

Tml gg to Wdls Library with Anna to study.. Hehez.. So happy, can see dearie again le..