New Life, New Mood,New Hair, Happy Me..


Recently a lot of ppl ask mi how am i.. I onli gt 1 answer..

"Great~~!!! I'm very happy!!"

Hahaz.. All my frens were so shocked and asked "Onli 2 daes dun tok to u, den suddenly so happy le.. What happened??"


On thurs afternoon, during Macroecons class, the grp of us, finally received our candycanes from Victoria Dearie!!! HAhaz..

Anna with her "COMMERCIAL" smile..
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Anna and I had a great time photo whoring with the candycanes.. Hahaz..

The lucky FRIENDS of beloved Victoria..
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Thought i gt nobody to gif mi the candycane worz.. Victoria brighten up my dae!! Hahaz..

Last night, went to meet Man Jun at North Point at abt 7++pm.. She spent abt 6 hrs at te saloon to dye her hair worz.. But reli reli v nice.. Black and purple highlights, nt ah lian at all.. Very style lei.. Hehez.. Saw Edison at his workplace but nv reli tok cos Man Jun wanna go.. Hahaz.. ( i told her i dunno her.. Hehez) He blamed mi afetr tt lahz.. Sae i bo xim.. ='( Hahaz..

After that, went bacl to Wdls Civic Centre to chill at MAc.. My treat.. Cos se bought mi hp accessories at espirit.. Hehez.. So sweet.. Went hm at abt 11+pm..

My MAn Jun..
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Very dark loh.. Tok on the bus back to wdls..

Todae, woke up at 1+pm to go perm my hair.. Hahaz.. Quite satisfied la.. But scare i dunno how to take care den ruin it in no time loh..

How i look before i went out.. (Hair still v wet)

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My hair very little hor? HAhaz..

This are the results of 2 hr of perming..
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Hahaz.. In conclusion.. I'm a happy ger.. With my beloved frens around mi.. Hehez.. Thanks for all the angels who are there for mi.. =) Namely: Anna, Man Jun, Sak, Aimee, Vic, Hui Ting, Sam, Edison, Royce, Maqrius.. Thank You Guys..