ToDaE iS a BrAnD nEw DaE!!

haha.. Now alone at hm, parents & bro went to Sentosa.. Sianz..

Yest, i had a fruitful & v meaningful day..
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I wore my brown top tt dae!! Kekez..

I woke up at 1++pm and went to bedok to find dearde.. we took train to PS to watch Chicken Little at 5.20pm.. The show was v cute, funny & entertaining, but spending $19 is reli rather expensive..

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Haha, at my hse bus stop.. So qiao..

On the way dw to first floor in PS, we saw..

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Looney Tune.. Hahaz..

Actually I wanna go Pasir Ris Fishermen's Vilage de.. Hehez, but dearde wanna try Cafe Cartel, so we went to eat there!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI counted, we started eating at 8.12pm...

And I finished eating by 8.35pm.. Hahax..

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But dearde is still eating..

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHehez..

After that, we went to the arcade we used to go & played a while.. Dearde sent mi home!!! Sob.. So long since he last sent mi hm le, I'm reli reli v happy & touched tt he make an effort to..

Thankz for the dae dearde, hope to spent days like this forever..

Wait for my christmas present.. I wanna make u feel like the happiest guy in the world.. Surprise.. Shh..

Thankz.. I love u.. Forever..