Happy New Year!!

Ya, it's first dae of the year todae.. I feel everso empty, in my heart.. Although u sae u'll be by my side, u still request for my independence..

I reli scare for the new term to start.. I scare of the lonely journey hm, w/o u, w/o a call from u at a particular time of the dae, w/o the proper dinner u would bring mi 2..

You told mi nt to cry, it cause u heartbreaks, but that's my onli way of letting my feelings out.. No matter how close u r to mi, i still miss u so much.. Miss "us" so much.. I hate "u" and "mi"..

We saw our 1st 2 fireworks during August, wen we r nt "tgt".. But i felt very happy and fortunate with u by my side.. But todae, although we went to see the fireworks tgt again, i felt so lonely, i felt as though i was looking at it alone.. I dunno y.. Is it the fear in mi, or the impossibilty btw us.. I'm so tired, tired of waiting for the chance to appear again.. Cos both of us noe, it will nt come again..

When i met u todae, i'm so afraid of the scene when u are abt to go.. Leaving mi alone.. It's like preparing myself for the end of the world.. Thank you for accompanying mi for the dae.. Thank you for the few hrs tt u r willing to spend with mi..

I just hope the term will pass soon, and take mi to Sentosa.. So tt i will not see u in sch, and feel sad everydae..
I wanted to be strong, i wanted to hold back my tears, i wanted to save my time for my happy moments, but I didn't make it.. I FEEL SO LONELY..

Why am I making things so hard for myself.. I miss you.. I really do.. Rmb the words i wrote on the wall? They r true.. From the bottom of my heart..

I saw the ring on ur finger, my "name" in ur phone, and the words u sae in my ears, but "fate".. The fate tt u claimed, did nt bring us tgt.. Shall we wait, or not??

You want mi to be happy for the new year..

2 of my frens asked mi what i wished for in 2006..
"I want to be happy everydae!"

In the past, i thought all i need was u.. But now, i'm left with an empty heart.. Heart tt is broken and unmend.. Or m i unwilling to mend it, afraid to even touch it..

I noe time will heal all wounds, but..