BACk Le!!

Haiz. Maybe soon after, i'll delete this blog le.. Hehez.. Cos reli too lazy to blog these fw daes..

Been happy, sad, worried, scare.. Too much feelings to bottle mi, tus, no more energy to blog le..

Had quite a happening Christmas eve doing bad things.. TeeHee.. I lazy to sae out.. But u can read at my Dearde's blog.. gt detailed writing tere.. Hehe...

Tests finally over, and sch'l opening soon le.. hehe.. Been gg well with y guy (hope so).. Although Christmas didnt go as wat i planned it to be, i hope i wont waste tt master piece ba.. Since 3 mths ago, my frens & I have been keeping it a secret.. But tt stupid dumb dumb found out long ago.. Waste our efforts.. Shall not give it to him le.. Hehe.. Who ask him so "clever".. Haha.. Might share pics in the next entry if sum1 tag mi.. So tt i noe ppl still care abt my blog.. HAhaz..

Merry Belated Christmas.. Hahaz.. Hope i can go countdw for new year.. with him.. sob sob..