Anna Dearie!!

Not feeling well in da morning, actually gonna go west coast with Anna de, but i too lazy and scare of the sun, thus cancelled.. Hehe.. =p

Met her at abt 5++pm at West Mall to chill.. Hehe.. Suppose to go coffee bean, but no space, after a few walk, we went to Bangawa Solo to drink coffee/tea n eat sumthing.. Hehez..

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Anna's skill not bad hor? Take nice nice pic.. Hehez.. I like this pic..

This is my Dearie.. Anna..

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Btw, i gt myself a new pencil case and bag for school!! Hehe.. Like them v v much la.. Cos v colourful.. Let mi go sch happily everydae.. ^_^

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Pencil case..

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Hehez.. And Cheng Yan gt the gers in our class cutie Christmas Pressie..

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I gt the 1 which haf the biggest eyes.. No mouth de.. Hehez..

Hee.. Actually, leading quite a happy life now, at least i try to be.. Haiz.. ^_^