Ya right.. I'm nt ok at all..

Two weeks le..
I had made my relationship suffered for two weeks..
I tik i gt into a depression..
Cos of wat??
I couldn't find the ans, or else i would have been talking to a counsellor le..

Todae i shouted at a male classmates , gt out of the classrm & cry in the toilet..
& i wanted a break with my bf..

This few nghts, i have been crying myself to slp
a loud cry somemore..

I wanted to stop all these.. But how??

I cant tok to anyone, cos i dun wan to burden them with my problem.. And i noe i feel bad cos i had problems in my relationship, which nobody can help.. Thus, there's no point in saying out to anyone..

Especially him..
Cos e's the root of the problem, & i cant communicate well with him anymore..
He had been bearing with mi, tolerating till the max le, & he would get impatient if i started crying..

I dun like the tone he speak to mi nowadays, the tone which he got from all the stress & pain he has.. & i couldn't ease any of dem.. Instead, i added up to his burden..

I'm breaking dw..

I felt sorry to the ppl around mi...

My classmates, dearde, & my brother, my parents..

I dunno wen this will stop?? Till e dae i die?? Den i tik it will stop soon ba..

I'm confused, heartache, useless & .... Lots of feelings tt i dunno how to exprss in words..