xIN fU GeR

Alright, gonna sae to the ppl who had been supportng & caring for mi.. I'm ok now.. At least for the time being.. Kekez..

He did nt smoke again le.. I mean, he had stopped now.. now?? Hehez..

I finally gt a new phone on Thurs, had been waiting for so long le, experimenting all the lousy fone on the wat till i gt a relki useful one.. Thankz mummy!! Hehez...

Today went to sch's grooming session tt we (yan,ht,suay & anna) paid $5 for.. The speaker from Shiseido is reli a v gd speaker, made the audience listen quietly, concentrate on every sec she talk, & teaches us useful skincare skills.. After 1.5 hr, she left the rm & a 40-yr old or older woman came in the tel us abt sum v NOT USEFUL stuff.. =P She said abt wat haircare, hand & feet care.. But she onli say impt, nv sae gow to take care.. Den wth do i pay $5 for? The refreshment?? She say abt the-v-impt 1st impression.. But u noe wat she wear? A blazer & matching pants, but inside is a soft fabric auntie blouse, messy hair & face which is nt made up or make up tt is useless to cover her flaws.. So how can she convince mi tt she teaches gd grooming methods?? Moreover, she's juz a banker.. Show off tt she wear Nike, gt money buy Chanel no.5, expensive bag.. And some more, she sae we shld wear matching jacket suit.. But the example she shown was like from the 80s showing outdated dresing style & grey blazer with blue pants or sumthing worst than tt.. Haiz.. Luckly the refreshment aft tt made us felt betta.. Haha..

After tt, went to meet dearde at Bedok, at around 6, went to Sakae for our dinner.. Hahaz.. Tried the Peach Fantasia, which i had longed, but it turned out like, u noe, private clinic's cough syrup.. And deep inside was a Ferro Rocher.. Kaoz, cost mi $6.50++++..

Ended the dae off unhappy.. Dunno y.. These few daes feeling v depressive.. & i'm reli v worried abt joyce, & couldn't slp well last night.. I hope Joyce can reli made it to the end.. Dun gif up hope ok? We will support u de.. Muackiez...