MiSeRaBlE lIfE..

Ppl killing themselves, hurting themselves, commit murder on partners & lovers, tons of crazy acts of a person who experiences a failed relationsip..

I used to think tt they are all so foolish & redundant..
Until i realised how desperate a person can be cos of love..

May it be hurting oneself or another, ppl out of love r sometimes simply crazy..

Desperate of ending such miserable life, but couldn't find a way to convince myself tt i should stop all the silly thoughts..

The wind on a rainy are simply chill, it hurts the bone, and pierce into my heart, reminding mi of my loneliness & helplessness..

Although I' lying in ur arms, holding u as tight as i could.. But the warm u had given made mi realised tt, it did nt came from ur heart.. It is the distant btw us tt give mi tt illusion or it is juz loveless?

My heart did nt bleed, bt it had dried up, stoned..

I'm happy to have my frens making mi get out for a while, laugh a little..

On fridae, we went for Sakae sushi at terminal 2..

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Sorry anna, but i love myself in this picz.. HeheZ.. Hui Ting spitting peas on da table.. =P

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TyPiCaL aUnTiE tT mAdE uS lUfF.. HAhaz..

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I swear she is nt forced to take the pic.. ^_^

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The grp of Aunties.. Ulu hospital..


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The grp of Cuties.. Mount E kids..

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Make use of the prop there ma..

BREAKING DW>>>... Counting the days left for mi...