After what i heard from a fren last night, i realised sumthing..

My fren : Where's ur bf nw? Shouldn't he be there for u wen u r in this condition?

I tossed & turned on my bed for a few hrs last night, & finally decided to slp at almost 4 wen i realised the solution to the problemm

The problem is, wth he can cooperate anot..

"Other ppl at this pt of time, will surely try their best to find time to accompany their gf, make them feel cared & loved.."

I think tt's wat he didnt managed to do & the stupid mi cry myself to slp every night..
I wanna end all this..

I have ended up the relationship, maybe temporaliy?

But juz nw, i wanted him to meet mi after doing his thing in sch, even it is at Tampines, he rejected mi.. Nvm, he wanna mit mi tml, which i doubt he would be able to make it, cos of his frens again..

I'm behaving like 3 person in a dae nw.. Keeping quiet in the morning, making noise in the afternoon, at night, i'm juz a crazy woman.. Demanding care & time frm him..


Farewell to my happiness.. ='(