*&^%$#@!~sTiLl XiNg Fu & HaPpY~!@#$%^&*

Btw, didn't inform u tt i have quitted my telemarketer job long ago, after 6 daes of comitting to it.. Cos i thought i would accept a job NTUC Income had gaven mi.. But due to laziness & timidness, i did not turn up for interview & tt made mi end up in a jobless-cum-slacker state..(quite regret cos end up Anna & HT doing the job.. easy $$ lehz.. simple job.. kekez)

But I'm quite happy with my current state.. Late nights, tons of time with my hubby ..Wanna go where also can.. But e $$ tt we can spend are very consiously monitored... Haha.. But no worries, with mi, the stingy old lady around, i would try very hard to save tt little pinch of $$.. Hehez.. Hubby is very lucky to find such a young "HUANG LIAN PO" to save for him..

I went to the fashion week briefing with Cheng Yan on Fridae, tot was another job opportunity for us.. We reachedt there at 2pm cosY an has an interview, & the briefing is at 3pm..We waited till 2.50pm, still nobody is free to entertain us.. About 20+ ppl came & we went straight for the briefing.. (WE WERE SO HUNGRY DEN!!!) Turned out that week was supposed to be the date which i went to chalet with hubby.. Hahax.. But mi, stupidly wasted my time from 2pm to 5pm listening to craps.. Lousy job i muz sae.. Whole dae of being a servert & get onli $35/dae.. Unless u have the passion, or else, u wouldn't be interested.. Hahaz.. i went off halfway, finally found a person to tell her tt i cant make it, so i could run off.. Pathetic Yan finished listening to the whole craps & end up giving up as well.. Hehez.. The 2 of us finally got out of this "ordeal" Kekez.. Whew... Good Luck Cheng Yan.. Hope we wouldn't meet up with such things agaim!!.. =pPp

Recently, the past 2 alt daes in exact, i went to hubby's hse to cook dinner.. We bought some vege at Giant in Bedok Central & some prawns & headed his hse to cook for e 2 of us & his sis.. Haha.. Actually, it's the 1st time the both of us tried to fry vege.. We ended up adding too much oyster sauce & the dish went out abit salty, but the both of us are still very satisfied with it... Den, he fried rice with eggs & prawns.. Haha.. Tt meal was very "healthy" & filled with so much joy & laughter... The other day, we bought the vege we tot tt was the same & some meat & went home to cook porridge.. Haha.. His culterly skills very gd worz.. The porridge very nice.. Haha.. The vege turned out to be better.. Gt improvement worz.. *clap clap* =X

PS: Me & him alright le.. Little misunderstanding onli la.. Hehe.. Still vey xing fu.. =X