tOmOrrOw Is ThE dAE!!!

Finally, todae has arrived.. Actually now is already Mondae.. About 12 more hrs, i'll be able to see hubby & set off to chalet le!!! Hehez... The chalet which belongs to the 2 of us.. Haha.. Wont be back till Wed, & hopefully will be blogging abt tt ba.. Since i have been keeing quiet for so long le..

Miss those daes with 1H01.. Haiz..

Hope can meet up with few of them sumtimes after i come back.. If any of 1H01-er saw this, pls note tt i reli miss u alot!!! <333

I wish i will haf a great time with Hubby during the chalet & keep quarrels to the possible lowest level.. Hehex.. But we are broke le.. unno still can buy thing to munch anot.. Hehex.. Gonna be gaining weight le la!!! Sob.. ='(

But i tik is "worth it" de ba.. Kekez...