NoBlE mUm...

Todae, i went Pasir Ris to replace ez-link with my dearde & aso cancel the lost of ez-link card to the National Regional Library.. Shit!! I cant use my ez-link nor my IC to borrow books in the NL for my whole life!!! Sob...

Went PS aftermath to get my new SIM card, but still, i have no hp to use cos my previous LG phone had spoilt.. Stupid.. No hp, how to survive???

We aso watched "Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo".. It was so funny & ridiculous.. Hahaz.. Btw, it's a M18 show.. hahax..

Wen i gt hm at 11.25pm, mum called mi into her room.. She ask mi wth dearde sent mi home, & i said yes.. Mum was worried tt he had to go hm so late & will reach home at abt 1am..

I can feel tt she reli felt bad abt dearde's stolen bag & she told mi she went out at evening to Queensway to find dearde's identical bag.. But it was so impossible to find it le.. She sae tt place looks scary at night & sum more it's near Alexander Hospital which she was admitted in a few mths ago.. & she was reli afraid to see tt place again.. But despite of tt, mum was determined to help dearde get the bag.. She even hope to ask her fren to help us get it in Malaysia.. She aso wan us to find it near Redhill etc. etc.

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My NobLe MuMmY!!!! =D Thankz mUmmY!!

Dearde & i are gg to Queensway tml aso, cos he reli wanna find a bag to contain his things.. Maybe Adidas?? Haiz.. Tt BASTARD.. I reli still cant forgive him/her.. Wen i was in the bus this afternoon alone... i still think of tt incident & was still very haunt by it.. FOREVER!!!! BASTARD!!!