cRaZy DaE-oUt!!

Haiz.. So tired todae! Dragged nyself up at 8.30 for my 11am dental appt at NDC.. I hate waking up early, so cold & restless.. Went out at abt 9.30am to meet dearde at 10.30am at City Hall.. Changed my yellow-green-white braces to a pink-purple 1.. Met an attitude staff there aso.. Sianz 1/2..

After which, we went to Ubi driving centre for his lesson.. I sat at the "waiting area" & played hp's dai dee for abt 100 mins & dearde came back.. So sianz.. Den we took a bus to Bedok for lunch & headed to Bugis to shop.. FINALLY!!! I bought my RED specs, getting it on next Thurs, so happy!! Hehe.. Bt my kft eye degree rose from 75 to 100 le.. Sob.. haiz.. there nth to see de, dearde wanna find his Nike bag so we went to find it, found it onli to be seen at Park Mall, so we have our dinner & took a bus down again & find the bag...

On the way to Parkway Parade, a CHINese 30++ yrs old lady.. (frm china)boarded the bus, sat beside an 40++-50++ uncle & start toking rubbish... ( dunno they know each other anot de) The lady started spitting at the two Muslims woman in front of her, den she continue to tok with tt uncle, suddenly she spitted on the floor next to the 2 woman den the uncle ask her..
"You dun like them ah?"
She said "Ya lah"?
"Oh, they Muslims hor..?"
She said " i aso dun like u!"
"You dun like mi stil ask for my no for wat?"
She then started leaning to the uncle & hugged his arm..

Stupid encounter loh.. Dunno wat she's doing, crazy or drunk, so scar the bus driver will drive directly to Hougang Buangkok Green sia.. Luckily we alighted the bus b4 any bad thing happen...

JIBABOM!!! No more stock le, but the v kind aunty help us call TM to find the bag & whew... She helped us ordered it... We took at stupid cab dw to Tm, the cab fares was supposed to be around $6-7.. But tt stupid attitude uncle took a big loop dw & we paid $9++++.. Sianz diao..

Hahaz.. Finally gt the bag & we happily & tiredly took 168 back to wdls.. Yawnzz.. So tired, gonna stay at hm & rest tml le... Hope dearde will succeed in his driving lesson tml!! ^_^