BaCk FrOm ChAlEt!!!

Reach hm at abt 2 juz now... Hubby went to his driving lesson & i went hm myself..

24-hr with him is so xing fu & happy..

17 October 2005**

I met him at 1pm at Bedok, went for lnch & went to Giant to buy VODKA KURANT... Haha... (It's left with half a bottle now...)

We took a cab & went to Pasir Ris costa sands chalet.. Finally reach the chalet & we budgetly dye our hair to CHERRY colour.. 1st time help him dye hair, hehez, although colour not v obvious, but still evenly dyed loh.. We washed our hair with the shampoo & conditioner given & i found myself having a gd hair dae.. Hehez... Too bad i nv bring my camera, pics is with hubby..

We went to Fishermen's Village for dinner, the place where hubby had wished to bring mi here long ago... We had a gd seat facing the sea & enjoy the dinner v much, after our meal, we continue to enjoy the evening breeze..

After which, we went to a supermarket at White Sands & bought our drinks, noodles, & neccssity for the chalet.. we drank vodka & played card games, the loser drinks! And of cos, i'm the biggest loser... -_-" But not drunk lah.. Kekez.. & we watched SHE concert VCD & he fell asleep at 4am.. Sob..

18 October 2005**

We woke up at 1++ & went to Downtown for budget pool... Onli $2.80 lei, Haha, the hungry 2 went to play despite the grumbling stomach.. =pPp After pool, we went the the arcade beside & played basketball, kekez, the 2 of us are hooked by it since we played at Dohby Ghout last week, we even went to Causeway Point to throw face, hehex.. After tt, we went for KFC!!! Hahaz, we went back to chalet at 6+ & watched tv, eat our cup noodles, hehex, the shows are so bring lah...

About 2.09am, while waiting for hubby's soccer match to start at 2.30am, we ordered Mac.. Hahax, i pity the delivery guy, he had to travel on road to such an ulu place & had to lose $10!!!We ordered an up-sized Filet-O Fish & 20 piece nuggets=>$16.. Hubby gave him $56 & he returned us $50!!!!! Pathetic guy, i'm so sorry, we didnt notice it at first, wen we realised it, he was already dunno where in Sinagpore.. Sorry!!!!

We end the dae by mi falling asleep w/o eating the last nugget hubby left for mi & a big cup of mixed vodka he juz mixed.. Sorry dearde...

19 October 2005**

This morning, hubby's phone's alarm kept snoozing since 9am... Haha...
I crawl up reluactantly & went to washed up & packed.. Sob.. Hafta left the temporary sweet "hm" of mi & hubby le.. Haiz...

We still went for pool & have lunch at the food court.. Alas, we went off...

Todae is the 6th month of us knowing each other, muz treasure every precious moments we have tgt ok? Muackiez... Love ya lots lots... ^_^
They will be more things we would have to go through tgt de... So, hope u will stay by mi no matter what happens, cos i will do the same too!!! Kekez... Muackz...