*AcTuAlLy I'm A fAiLuRe*

Wen i was still alone, w/o him, i tot i can be a flawless gd gf.. Sum1 who will alway be cute, caring, gentle & understandng..

Wen i was still alone, w/o him, i tot i can find a bf who wouldn't say i'm unreasonable.. cos i would nv gif him a chance to... I would not be like others gf who r always picking up a fight..

Wen i was still alone, w/o him, i tot i can be sumone who would bring light to his life.. Sum1 hu can be an angel hu can change his life..


I'm not caring, gentle or understanding at all.. I found my self being said "unreasonable!'' once in 2, 3 days.. I dunno how to show my concern since as long as i can rmb, & i had nv been sum1 hu can empatise with sum1's plight.. I'm living in my own world, but trying to be a cheerful & happy ger hu wanna joke & make ppl laugh.. Tt makes mi happy enuff.. I kept things to myself, nt telling him, cos i dun wanna pick up a fight or even end up quarreling.. But he wan mi to speak up everytime i m bothered by things.. But i did nt use the right tone or the right way to speak, thus, we end up in a cold war, or fight.. Sometimes, i tot i can change him into a better person, so tt we will both be happy.. But had i ever change for him? Or had i changed to sum1 hu would juz make things worst.. Maybe he dote on mi too much, tts y i'm becoming more wilful & rely on him more than the past.. Thus making myself an unreasonable & irritating ger to him.. He did not blame mi after wat had happened & what i had done to hurt him again & again..

Now, aren't i a failure? Or should i say i still have a lots of space of improvement b4 i can even be an average gf.. person.. ger..

^_^tHaNkZ aLl^_^