%*FiNaLlY!!! i'M bAcK 2 uPdAtE!!!*%

Sorry lahz.. Been lazy these few daes.. or 2 weekz or so.. Hehez.. Got things to write but i'm juzt diagnosed with pure laziness.. Reach home early todae & decided to work on my blog entry.. Hehe..

Todae's my 2nd dae of work as a 'TELEMARKETER".. It's reli a very boring job, was so scare last night & the night b4 till i couldn't slp cos of e type of duper boring thing i hafta do.. Call ppl & intro our company, i didn't even bother to tok much loh.. Todae was betta, gt the chance to serve at the counter, help foreigners (mainly indonesians there) remit their money hm.. Didn't had lunch during work yest & todae cos i dun wanna haf lunch alone, juz no appetite yah.. Haiz...

Yest, happily went to Taka find dearde cos he onli work until 6pm cos of their D&D.. We went to Heeren for Sakae sushi & we were lik so hungry lah.. Hiakz... Went walk walk around after dinner & met sm1 / sum2 across the road near Lucky Plaza!!! Rumoured couple in the class holding hands so sweetly & the toot ger kept calling my name lahz.. Dearde & i were like soooo... shocked lohz.. Hahax.. 2 stupid fellows trying to keep it from us.. Tell u a secret here.. (they started on 24 Sep!!!) Shh.. hehe.. OMG!!! I blog it here, means every1 could c it? Opps!! I'm sorry Sak dear..I wasn't intentional to blurp out tt u & Sam... =PpP

23 Sep, HT, Vic, Anna, Yan, Suay, Sam, Sak, Daniel, Ced & I went to PS to celebrate Sak's b'dae!!! We went Thai Express to eat & went to take neoprints & went Gelare to eat ice cream & find Yee Ping.. Haha.. Went SSC to play pool a while & we went glass hse FISH & CO!!!! Hehe.. I 1st tie there lei.. hehe.. Wanna bring dearde there on 5 Oct.. Haha... We found Joyce & she was quite irritated by us wen we kept calling her names.. Hehe... She intro swordfish to mi & kept assuring tt it's v big, i ordered it & it was like.. Wow!!!! Every1 laghed at mi.. HAHAHAHAH.. But it was nice & valed for $$.. $14.90.. Hehe.. We went off happily at 9++ with a blue fish.. =D

Didn't reli wanna tok mch abt chalet & terry fox run cos didn't reli enjoy them...

But.. Terry Fox Run made mi realise tt many ppl are willing to fork out their time, effort & energy for charity.. I saw many children, adults, handicapped, & the elderly, all put in so much effort to complete the run.. Was quite touched at the sight, too bad, i didnt manage to take pics cos i've forgotten to bring my camera.. The night b4, dearde & I had suc a big quarrel over where shld i spent the night b4 TFR. Ended up in a gd ending, slept in dearde's hse.. (with his sis in the room lahz...)

The chalet.. was very excited for it.. But found out tt it's nth except alcohol & gambling den.. Haiz.. Went into depression on the 1st & 2nd dae.. Dunno wat happen, become very temperate, kept losing temper & cry v easily.. Sorry darde & my classmates.. But went swimming in the pool after so long.. Haha.. & i found out tt i actually can sim.. Hehe.. Had fun in the kitchen anyhow fried fish & chicken wings.. Haha.. & i learned how to fry prawn with oyster sauce.. thankz to Clarisse.. =X & went on to make nice nice de sunny-sideup.. At least i tik nice lohz...

Dearde kept playing majong la.. Den nv pei mi, i'm so sad.. so sad.. Sob..

But i still love him alot.. to bits.. Haha.. to bites... Muackz..
A big kiss to dearde & of cos... MY BELOVED 1H01!!!

ps: leave a tag if u cm here ok? Thankz...