<=!!*hAPpY dAe BeLoNg To FrEeD pEoPlE*!! =>

Hehe.. Juz finished showering & uploading the pics took todae... WOW!!! It' the last dae of exams, & we are finally freed.. from papers, from notes... Hehe.. BUT.. aso from 1h01... sob... ='(

But i reli had a great dae todae... Thankz worz.. Hehe.. Todae is the 1st time i gt birthdae present from my frens.. thank you.. it ws so sudden lo.. Hee.. Victoria gave mi 3 accessories with cherries on dem... haha.. So cute pls.. (=p) i immediately change my plain pink to the cute little squarish cherries earrings!!! I love it sooo much.. Thankz...

After microeconomics exam, we went to have lunch & headed to te LIBRARY!!! And i nid to apologise for the noise i have made la...
hehe.. we went so crappy inside there.. sing all sorts of "demo" to illustrate the diff types of theories for InThT.. But gt 1 stupid idiotic come ask ask us to lower dw our volume la... & u noe wat? She, herself or her fren nv even switch her loud ringtone to the silent mode lo.. stupid... somemore tok so lod.. wen er phone rang, i shouted, "wow, so noisy hor?"
hehe.. I was being so uncivilised la.. kekez.. & dear broght his hand made "toasted" sandwiches for us.. Hehe.. Thank you dear... den we ate it.. haha...we took pics in the library again... W/O FAIL!!!

Haha.. from 2 till 6.25pm.. I have nt mastered anything from i have read yet.. omg!!! die le loh.. But i had a very lovely surprised wen i arrived at the sports hall... Serene, Joyce & Fabiola gave mi a very nice packaged present!!! It was the second surprised for the dae la.. I'm reli very touched lo.. I'm nt showing off here, but i juz wanna show my apprecation to dem.. Thank you!! ='( i'm still very happy & touched by ur moves nw.. hehe.. thankz, & noe wat? They gave ni a sheer romance BIKINI!!!! It was very nice, but ask mi to wear to the chalet? Can u plese gif mi 2 more yrs? I will try my best de.. Haha.. very nice wor... Hehe.. I aso gt a plush toy from my kor.. Haha...

Afterall, our 1H01 jorney had reli endd off with a great smile on everyone's face todae.. Anymore 1H01?