!!*3rd & LaSt PoStInG 4 My BiRtHdAe!!*

Tues, 13th Sep... Woke up so early.. at 9am for terry fox briefing at LT21.. Tt briefing turned out to be as short as mosqito 's height lohz.. Lucky we have a great plan earlier on...

After the briefing, HT, Anna, Michelle, Sakinah, Cheng Yan, Sui Lan, Yu Xia & Samuel gave mi a bug big surprise!! They gave mi a pair of MICKEY earrings, MICKEY necklaces & a card full of care & sincerity.. Haha..

After that, we went cineleisure for lunch (Yoshinoya) & went ahead to take neoprints!!! (fav pastime) kekez.. However, Mich had to go early for her job training, thus, we had a few photo shoots & let her go relutantly.. We went to Kbox at 3.31pm & had fun in the room.. sin, sang, sung until my voice aso change le.. ( can see tt i'm so selfish in the room) Haha... I'm sorry sak, u nv sang & we hai u pay ur $15 for a cup of lemon tea & a few pieces of lemon slices.. =(

Shafi & Aimee joined us at abt 6.25pm & we went ahead for dinner at BK.. Den, we went to a very scary, quiet & abandoned-looking building with a few renovating shops & we went there for POOL!!! ( fav pastime again!) kekez.. Kept losing & onli won Stupid Sam once!! Onli once!!! Sorry dear.. (i nv tel them u gt teach mi).. Opps, did i leaked it out again? haha..

Went home at 9.30pm & reach hm at 10pm.. Too bad, dear could not accompany mi fer the dae cos he has hos driving lesson & class chalet..

But hee.. Thankz for the dae todae at the "simplest" place.. Went Bedok to find dear todae & he got his Probation Driving License!! Congrats dear!! hehe.. Den we went to Kovan for a shop around Heartland mall & went to somewhere for POOL again.. Haha.. After tt, we went Geylang Lor 9 for frog leg!! Hehe.. Very nice lei.. But i was so scare of tt place lah.. Kekez.. Gt those type of "ppl" lo.. & tt kind of "shops".. Hee.. Went Bedok to change 168 & sleep until so... till Woodlands.. Now i very jing shen.. Dunno y aso.. Dear seems to be unhappy.. Hope i noe wat had happened & could make him happy again.. Dear, i love u.. =X

4 more daes to CLASS CHALET!!!!!!