The Maid & FFB Presentation(LAST!!!)

Haha... Todae sooo fun la... But hor...

This morning i supposed to have my intro to ht oral assessment with my group at 9.30am.. & oh my gosh! I onli woke up wen my grp members call mi at 9.25am!!! Die liao... I missed the whole thing...
Den i went to wash up to go polyclinic see doctor to get my MC.. But!
i took the wrg bus from the interchange & caused mi to walk a long distance to the clinic.. I walked very fast... end up.. my feet pain with the heels!!!
Wen i reach there, i noe there sure wont be enuff time for mi to see doc le.. Time's running ot! My feet pain sum more.. No choice,so i decided to head for sch, wen i was walking out of the clinic, (a confession to make)
::a blind man heard my heels & called out.. " Auntie, ni yao guo ma lu ah?" I very scare, i dun dare to help him so i juz walk away & the guy mummbled to himself.. " Maybe she dun understand wat i sae (in chinese)" Den i saw him walk a big round the road... So guilty... ::

Wen i crossed e overhead bridge to reach my bus stop, i saw him safely on the other end of the road, at the bus stop... "WHEWWWW!!!!" Lucky! He did nt die!!!

Wen i reached sch, my grp mates told mi tt oral assessment was tough & scary... Lucky i didn't go.. My fren even sae she wished she has a MC too.. Kekez..
During the whole presentation, i did nt utter a word... Very useless right? Sob.. Sorry dearies...

After school, i went to watch "THE MAID"... It's the noistest movie i had ever seen... MostBtw, most of the "watchers" are malay, weird right? Kekez ( nt being raciest here...) There were phone ringing, ppl jeering, screaming, shouting across,& a ger called "Wati" which is the 'NT IMPT MAID INSIDE' & the guys at the back kept laughing like dunno wat! At the end of the show, wen the bad lady was run over by a large truck or ???, most ppl clap & cheer... Haha... Is this movie more impt or the experience.. hehe...

~~**``!!!!!!!MY FEET STILL HURTS!!!!!!!!``**~~