**HaPpY mOmEnTs WiTh 1H01**

( fUn GuYs & GuYs On MoNdAe! 22 AuGuSt!)

(at Sakae Sushi todae!)

On Sunade morning, Hui Ting smsed mi to request for a camera on Monday to take pics of 1H01 cos this is our last week as a class le, we are changing class for the 2nd semester. She even reminded our grp to wear nice nice worz...

Wow... she shocked us with her dressing worz... She's wearing a demin skirt & a feminine top... Haha.. But the first thing she did was...
" TAN KHENG NAN!!!" She called out to our grp leader who once say she's not like a GER!!! What an insult, haha... We had fun taking pics & doing our last proj at the same time, somemore, everyone of us bought a YELLOW RIBBON!!! Kekez... Help them lead a new life!

We went to library after our lesson & took photos with the rest of the class... Hahaz.. Once again, so much fun...

Todae, 21/26 of our class went to SAKAE SUSHI!!! Hehez... So fun lei, everyone laughed until their mouth so wide... We even made the crew kept asking us to lower down our volume... Kekez( shldn't i kept this as a secret? =pPp) Sorry worz, Hui Ting, I took the receipt to make my card... I'll gif u my receipts next time k? Actually mi todae last dae le, sorry... After lunch, we went to terminal 1 to view aeroplanes & played game... The game went " Ahhh.. Ouchhh!!! & Hahahax"

Tml we wearing our orange jersey again! Last dae of school le, so fast.. But we going out on Fridae right?
Kekez... 1H01 spirit never dies!!!