!!!!!Campus Care Network DaY!!!!

HeY hEy!!! Todae's topic's on.... : CCN DAY!!!!

Woa!!! 1Ho1 orange rangers rox!!! HeHe.. Our orange jersey rox to the tip of earth! I didnt like the idea of orange jersey in the first place though... but hey, we were so STRIKING!!!! Haha... I was so high yesterday!!! Running around in my orange jersey... Hehe... I was helping with the glitter body art with the potential customer in the first place... But opps.... it didnt turned out gd, & i ran to hide in a corner to chit-chat with my crazy fellow mates... Hehe... Anna, Serene and I, went to "donate $$$" halfway throgh the help-outs... we went to engine to buy ICE CREAM!!!! haha... anna n i ordered cookies & creme but she ended up eating choco chip w/o reliseing it... kekez... we went back to the stall after ransacking others... i continue helping & hiding with the glitter bodyarts & help my pathetic+suay classmates draw henna and glitter.. glitter was fine, henna was okay... but they didnt complain lei! kekezx.. onli Madam YEOW HUI TING insulted on my doings w/o mi doing anything on her!!! Haha... Thankx peeps, for the whole events... U guys made mi had a great dae!!! Wow.. gonna miss ya wen the break comes, and class changing thingy... Well, U'll be in my heart alrightz?!!